Distinction Between Hotel, Lodge and a Resort

Distinction Between Hotel, Lodge and a Resort

A hotel is an establishment that serves visitors with housing, meals, refreshment, and other related services on a profit basis, providing items that are normally furnished in homes but are inaccessible to guests traveling away from home. Hotels in nature parks or beautiful settings are also open-air to provide guests with a spectacular view while they dine. Others, especially those in City centers, are lined up along busy streets and are made up of glass walls to attract hungry passers-by. Any establishment, regardless of size, may be classified as a hotel if it serves paid meals in addition to housing.

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Another supply that is in close cooperation with the hotel is housing. The hotel offers lodging, which allocates paid temporary accommodation that does not last for long. It may be a crossover through the night or a bundle that lasts for a week, depending on the agreement between the client and the management. However, they are ventures that only offer lodging with no meals, a room with a bed coupled with amenities. They are known as lodges and usually are found near hotels where revelers can look for their meal plans. These joints are bundled with many rooms that come with different bed numbers to accommodate any size. Lodges aren’t fully equipped with services as a hotel, Their sole purpose is to provide lodging.

Distinction Between Hotel, Lodge and a Resort

Resorts are a combination of hotels and lodges and outdoor recreational facilities like pools, playing fields, bikes, etc. They are located outside cities in places that are serene with a relaxed environment. Resorts provide all essentials at the site so that travelers won’t have to worry about anything while at their destination. The resorts are becoming more popular in the United States, with holidaymakers preferring it than spending their holidays in the city. Their locations along beaches, lakes, or next to beautiful settings have made resorts a 21st-century marvel that continues to amass more visitors. It is designed for gateways, an escape from busy city life, a spot where you can spend holidays with family on a full board amenity.

All the aforementioned categories lay under one label as the Hotel industry, a service industry that deals with guests’ accommodation and services like the production of paid meals. It entails all institutions that offer forms of temporary overnight stays, foods, and services. The industry is a broad business with varieties of guesthouses popping up to meet taste and demands from clients.

The term hotel industry is confused with the hospitality industry because their services often overlap, plus they all target the same clients. The fundamental difference between them is that hospitality falls on recreational activities such as camping grounds or safaris. It is hard to discern differences since businesses like to merge these two industries for seamless customer satisfaction. Hotels, lodges, and resorts are lucrative businesses that are always advancing caused by stiff competition; this has led to the growth of different forms of the hotel.

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